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All of our health insurance specialists at HIS strive to provide each of our clients with a personalized experience. Our personalized approach helps us understand your unique needs, and together we can find the best plan that guarantees comprehensive coverage that takes your individual requirements and desired coverage into account.

If you would rather not talk with a specialist directly, we can also build a quote for you and send it via email!

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Our Health Insurance Specialists

The Health Insurance Specialists assist small groups and individuals in providing and understanding health insurance plans. We have built our business on helping property & casualty agents and financial advisers consult with their clients to have health care coverage for their clients.

Carson Cheetham

Licensed Health Insurance Broker

Cooper Hjorth

Licensed Health Insurance Broker

Kate Jackson

Office Manager
No items found.

Martha Murray

Licensed Health Insurance Broker

Tim Jackson

Owner and President

We Work With All Major Health Insurance Providers Including:

Mouna Health Care
University of Utah
Blue Cross Blue Sheild
Select Health
United Health Care
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