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Here at The Health Insurance Specialists, we are all about taking care of our clients. In this world, you need to have health insurance. More than that, you need to have access to quality health care within without breaking your bank. You need to know that the premium you are paying each month will actually help you. We have taken the time to learn about health insurance plans from numerous carriers. We can give you the advice that will help you pick the right plan. There is no problem too big or question too small.

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Our Health Insurance Specialists

The Health Insurance Specialists assist small groups and individuals in providing and understanding health insurance plans. We have built our business on helping property & casualty agents and financial advisers consult with their clients to have health care coverage for their clients.

We Work With All Major Health Insurance Providers Including:

Mouna Health Care
University of Utah
Blue Cross Blue Sheild
Select Health
United Health Care

Latest resources.

Family Glitch

Family Glitch

What is Surprise Billing?

What is Surprise Billing?

Have you ever gotten a bill that you weren't expecting? When you get provider care from outside your network, you might receive one. Learn more here.

What is Travel Insurance?

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance comes in handy when you're out of the country for a period of time and have medical emergencies. Take the extra step to stay safe.

Why Get Vision Insurance?

Why Get Vision Insurance?

Vision is an important part of our five senses. With vision insurance, you can keep that sense up to date with exams and prescription lenses.

Why Accident Insurance?

Why Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance covers costs of accidental injuries. At a low cost per month, it can be a great benefit to help you save money.

Why It's Important To Talk To Your Agent Every Open Enrollment

Why It's Important To Talk To Your Agent Every Open Enrollment

Taking the time to meet with your health insurance agent during open enrollment will benefit you all year round. We're here to assist you!

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