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Why It's Important To Talk To Your Agent Every Open Enrollment

Posted by:
Carson Cheetham
April 28, 2023
Taking the time to meet with your health insurance agent during open enrollment will benefit you all year round. We're here to assist you!

As open enrollment approaches each year, it is important to start thinking about your current plan. Are you happy with your plan? Maybe you aren't happy with the plan you have and you want to change it for next year. Think about what you do and don't like about the plan and keep that in mind when open enrollment arrives. 

The health insurance world can change pretty drastically every year, as everything else does too. So it's important to keep up to date on what the new changes are and what else is going on with your carrier and broker. Even if you are happy with your plan that you currently have, it is still very helpful to know other changes might be taking place within your state.

One of the main changes that are almost certain to happen every year is the increase in premiums. On top of that, you know what else changes every year as well? You do! The plan you might have been on in the past may not be the best plan for you in the future. Your lifestyle and household is always changing and there might be a better plan out there that fits your new needs. Such as maybe new prescriptions and doctors? What if your carrier rules out a new plan that is brand new to the market for people with diabetes? What if you had another kid this last year and that increased your tax credit to where you now qualify for even more tax savings and you can get a higher metal tier plan for the same price or even less? 

All of these scenarios are meant to have you start thinking about your current situation and how the plan you currently have accommodates you. Now I'm not saying that you need to change your plan every year or that there even is a better plan for you out there. All I'm saying is that it never hurts to exhaust your options. You never know what else is available to you and how just one phone call with your broker could potentially save you money and better your health all around.

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