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Why Get Vision Insurance?

Posted by:
Cooper Hjorth
May 9, 2023
Vision is an important part of our five senses. With vision insurance, you can keep that sense up to date with exams and prescription lenses.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if vision insurance is right for you? Or maybe you’ve been left wondering what coverage vision insurance actually offers. If you have then you’re not alone! Our eyes are our one of our largest connections to how we perceive the world around us, so it makes a lot of sense to take proper care of them.

What does vision insurance actually cover?

  • Mainly, vision insurance often covers 100% or a large portion of preventative work. It’s standard that an individual will get one vision exam done a year. This is a great way to stay up to date on the quality of your vision, or update any necessary prescription lenses. 
  • Additionally, vision insurance can help reduce the cost (through copays) of multiple lens options, coatings, frames, contacts, and on select plans they may even offer a discount towards lasik eye surgery. Typically the plan will also include an allowance to help pay for contacts/lenses so that the expense isn’t coming out of your own pocket.

What is the cost of vision insurance?

  • Vision insurance through an employer can really vary from $5-$20 per individual depending on the amount of coverage offered. However, if you go directly to a carrier you’ll likely find pricing around $8-$15 per individual. A popular plan in Utah might look like the one provided below. Some plans may even cap out at a certain amount of subscribers, meaning that if you have a family of six, you might only need to pay the premium equal to three members, also shown in the example below.

Is it hard to sign up for vision insurance?

  • Not at all! Signing up through an employer will most often require you to sign up during their open enrollment period for their benefit options. If you miss your employers open enrollment period you can sign up directly with a vision insurance company at any time of the year. By contacting a broker we can help you find the right vision plan and even do the enrollment process for you. So give us a call!

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