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Why Dental Insurance?

Posted by:
Carson Cheetham
April 18, 2023
Is dental insurance worth it? What benefits come from having dental insurance?

Why is dental insurance so important? In a nutshell, it’s about getting essential preventative care, overall financial savings that will benefit you in the long run, and your overall health. Now I know for some people having just health insurance is enough and they don't even want to consider dental insurance. In order to maintain your overall well being and to avoid future health problems, taking care of your oral health should be one of your top priorities.

Here's why. Dental insurance can provide numerous benefits, the most obvious would be taking care of that beautiful smile of yours. That's not all you will benefit from. Yes, the regular cleanings, x-rays, and making sure you don't have cavities are what you think of first when it comes to your oral health. Most dental plans, if not all, will cover preventative care 100%, but what about the more expensive treatments? Such as if you do have a cavity or a root canal, fillings, and extractions. This is when you really save money and you are thankful you started coverage before something major arises. 

While you may never actually enjoy going to the dentist, (myself included) those regular cleanings every year could potentially save you from serious diseases and other future health problems. In fact, more than 90% of most common diseases show first symptoms coming from the mouth. Detecting any health related issues early on could really save you in the long run. 

In recent years, dental premiums have actually stayed down in comparison to health insurance. The average dental premium for a stand alone plan is $26 a month. With Family plans right around $47 a month. Now a common question in the dental industry, is it actually worth it for me financially? As stated before, most if not all dental plans will cover preventative care 100%. Which includes your regular cleanings and x-rays twice a year. Even if you just get two cleanings a year, it should pay for itself. In other words, ensure that the plan you go with will save you enough money to offset the premium’s. 

All in all, dental insurance should absolutely be a top priority right alongside your health plan. What good does having a health plan do if you aren't taking care of your oral health as well? Plus, no one wants to be the person who has a stinky mouth. That is just a fact. Even if you just end up getting a dental plan that only covers routine cleanings and regular checkups, That is better than nothing at all. Knowing your options will never hurt. 

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