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The Importance of Accurate Consumer Information

Posted by:
Martha Murray
March 31, 2023
What kind of information is needed when applying for health insurance?

Health insurance carriers and organizations' main goal is improving healthcare access, affordability, and quality, including reducing health disparities for all consumers. In order to do that they need clear, concise and completely accurate information. Not doing so could cause delays in your care. It is important that all of your information is 100% accurate on your health insurance application, otherwise you will encounter problems during the year when you try to use your health insurance. 

Demographics include identifying information. The list below shows the demographic questions that carriers ask when applying for health insurance.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Social security number or valid immigrant documentation
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Previous insurance information (if applicable)
  • Medical history (if applicable)
  • Employer and income


  • Education (whether or not you are a full time student)

These questions are asked for a reason, not just to barge into your personal life and send you a thousand emails that MIGHT include your interests or needs. Patient demographics improve healthcare quality, streamline the medical billing process, and enhance communication.

Before the Affordable Care Act, consumers had difficulty in obtaining comparable information across and within health insurance markets. Consumers had trouble understanding, finding and choosing the coverage that best met their health and financial needs, the needs of their family, or employees.

Additionally, agents signed an agreement to provide accurate information to their clients upon being licensed. Agents and carriers are also required to gather accurate consumer information to ensure that they receive important correspondence and documents, including health plan information, requests for necessary information or documents, renewal notices and tax forms. 

How can you make sure you don’t run into these issues yourself? 

Giving accurate information to your carrier, or broker benefits everyone, and lessens the likelihood of disparities in healthcare. 

  • This is a preventative approach that can improve patient outcomes and make utilizing your insurance easier. 
  • Providing accurate information at the time of the application will ensure a smooth ride through the year using your health insurance and guarantees you get the best coverage that fits your needs AND your budget.

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