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The Easiest Way to Make Egg Salad

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Tim Jackson
May 22, 2016
Did you know that you can smash up eggs using a hand mixer? Well I sure didn’t.

Did you know that you can smash up eggs using a hand mixer?  Well I sure didn’t.  For all my life, I have made dozens of eggs into egg salad smashing each individual hard boiled egg with a metal fork.  Needless to say this is not the easiest or most efficient way to go about it.  In fact, it usually hurts my hand to forcefully press a fork into each egg.

So this Saturday, before our Easter Egg Hunt I was trying to make 2 dozen eggs into egg salad.  Before grabbing my fork, I had an epiphany.  I would try our hand mixer. Not quite sure if it was going to work, I began mixing the eggs.  The mixture seemed dry, so I went ahead and added in the mayo.  After the mayo, the eggs beat beautifully in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a fork.  Therefore, victory was mine.  And also Egg Salad.

So we enjoyed a nice egg hunt with our charming boy and his baby friends.  All of our friends brought a finger food to share which we served alongside our egg salad and drinks.  Our friends each brought 20 candy filled Easter eggs and the kids hung out inside the house while several parents went out and hid the eggs.  We couldn’t have thrown an easier Easter party.  The prep was easy, the cleanup was simple, and everyone had a great time!

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