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Question #93 Why should I pay for Health Insurance?

Posted by:
Tim Jackson
August 19, 2015
Why should I pay for Health Insurance?

I never even go to the doctor why should I pay for insurance?

I don’t see why I should pay for something I don’t use or need.  Especially for people I don’t even know or care about.  Couldn’t my money be better spent elsewhere?

As I covered in a previous blog think of health insurance as one big melting pot. In this melting pot we have healthy people and unhealthy people. We are all sharing the cost of health insurance. The ACA says no one can be denied health insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Because of that we are all paying an “average” cost based upon our geographical location and age. We are no longer paying based upon our health. I know it doesn’t sound fair, and maybe it’s not, however if something ever happens to you know your rates will not change for that calendar year.  Which really is the point of insurance anyway, isn’t it?

You will avoid being fined if you enroll and pay for health insurance.  So if you don’t pay for it now, you will pay for it later.  At least if you enroll in coverage and you decide you would like to have health care, you will have more coverage then if you refused insurance all together.

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