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Question #91 How Do I Delete Someone I Divorced?

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Tim Jackson
August 24, 2015
How Do I Delete Someone I Divorced?

How Do I Delete Someone I Divorced?

That is a good question.  One option is to call The Health Insurance Specialists and we can help you through the process or you can talk to your specific insurance company.  Since this can get a little tricky, we’d love to help you through this process.

If you got your insurance straight from the carrier you will need to fill out a change form and sign it and then submit it to the insurance company. You can either call your insurance company and have then send you the form or we can send the form to you. Some insurance companies will just let you call and let them know and take care of it over the phone.

If you got your plan on the marketplace then you will need to contact the marketplace at 8003182596 and let them know you need to take your spouse off your plan and they go ahead and remove them and that information will be sent to the insurance company.

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