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Question #83 I don’t understand my bill, what do I do?

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Tim Jackson
September 12, 2015
I don’t understand my bill, what do I do?

I don’t understand my bill, what do I do?

Hopefully when you go to the doctor they will walk you through what’s going on so you understand what this will cost you.  Although it’s likely that they will not ask you ahead of time if you are willing to pay more money for whatever procedure they suggest.  I also understand that when you’re at the doctor you’re not necessarily wondering whether something will be covered or not. You’re probably just hoping for some answers and some relief from whatever brought you to the doctor’s office in the first place.  For the most part when you see a doctor the visit is covered in your co-pay but there may be a certain procedure not covered in that cost.

For example, let’s say you go see a doctor and they run an MRI or a X – Ray (or any other test or procedure outside of the typical parameters set), those can be costly medical procedures that are not covered in the co-pay cost.  You may have to pay towards your deductible in addition to your co-pay. There may be another time when you go to the doctor but you pay the full cost of the doctors visit.  This will lead you to our next question:

Why did I pay full price and not a just a co-pay? Make sure your doctor takes your insurance plan before you make an appointment.  To read more about this, see here . If you have a question about what’s covered and what’s not look at your summary of benefits or the easiest solution is to just call your agent or health insurance carrier.

This post was written by Patrick Browne, a Health Insurance Specialist.

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