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Question #81: How does the Co-Pay Work?

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Tim Jackson
September 16, 2015
How Does the Co-Pay Work?

Depending on your health insurance plan, certain covered services will have a co-pay . The co-pay is the amount you pay when you get said service.  Your insurer picks up the difference between the actual cost and your co-pay amount. Sometimes you’ll have a limit on the number of times you can get that service with the co-pay.  Once you reach your limit, your co-insurance may kick in or you may have to pay the full rate out-of-pocket.

In some situations you might just have to pay a higher co-pay or co-insurance after you reach your deductible.  If something shows up on your bill that you thought would be covered by your co-pay, you may want to read this blog for some ideas of what to do in that situation.  Click here for the link.

This blog was written by Stephanie Haltinner, a Health Insurance Specialist.

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