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Question #5 Why would I take the Avenue H Route?

Posted by:
Tim Jackson
December 21, 2015
Why would I take this route? Why wouldn’t I? (Avenue H)

Why would I take this route? Why wouldn’t I? (Avenue H)

As an employer if you want to be able to provide your employee’s multiple options to choose to choose one Avenue H is a good route to go.  It can be hard to have one health insurance plan for all of your employees because they all have different needs or go to different doctors.  Some employees are willing to pay more than others or may want a higher deductible.  Avenue H can be a good way to keep more employees happy.  Avenue H does have a variety of plans but they are also limited in the plans that they provide.  They don’t offer very many high deductible plans more of the high deductible plans are HSA plans.  So if you are looking for a variety of high deductible plans Avenue H may not be the way to go.  Also Avenue H only works with United, Arches, and Select Health.

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