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My Favorite Part about the Affordable Care Act – a Maternity Perspective

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Tim Jackson
June 24, 2014
My husband and I decided to have a baby about 9 months ago. We couldn’t be more excited as our due date approaches. Of course this can be a huge...

My husband and I decided to have a baby about 9 months ago.  We couldn’t be more excited as our due date approaches.  Of course this can be a huge financial undertaking, especially for our first baby.  We were constantly feeling like we needed to make purchases: Stroller, Crib, Diapers, Baby Clothes and so many other items.

In addition to having a baby, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed.  I felt this would be the healthiest choice for me and my soon to arrive little one.   However, I wasn’t sure if/how I was going to get a breast pump, knowing that there will be times when I will need to be away from my little one, and they will still need to eat.  I wasn’t sure if we would decide to purchase a breast pump at this time or not.  They can be very expensive and I didn’t know the first thing about what kind I should buy.

Could it be that since the Affordable Care Act Breast Pumps are included in my health insurance policy?

Working here at The Health Insurance Specialists we were asked this very question by one of our clients not too long ago.  We got in touch with the carrier of our client and let them know which companies provided breast pumps with full coverage and what the client would need to do in order to obtain one.  The client was then able to get in touch with a company and receive a breast pump that was 100% covered on their health insurance policy.

After helping this client, I wondered if this was specific to their insurance plan or if I would also qualify with a different plan.  One of my friends mentioned to me that she had also received a very nice breast pump through her insurance and that I should contact my insurance carrier about receiving a breast pump through them.  I was thrilled at the possibility of having even just a portion of this expense covered through insurance.  To my happy surprise, I not only would receive a discount through my insurance coverage, but a very nice quality breast pump will be available to me absolutely free. The company we went through was able to provide suggestions of which breast pumps are most popular among consumers, which assisted me in making the decision of which pump to get.  The company’s website also had a lot of information about each pump that they provide.  This was super helpful for me being a first-time mom.

Because of the Affordable Care Act, many insurance providers now cover breastfeeding supplies.  So if you are expecting a baby and wanting to breastfeed, get in touch with your health insurance carrier to find out what is covered in your plan and which companies will supply you with a breast pump as part of your coverage.  We would also be happy to help you figure out this process.  Give our office a call at 801-718-0051.

This article was written by Marissa, a contributing writer and an employee of the Health Insurance Specialists, Inc.

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