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5 Simple ways to get more out of your Health Insurance

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Tim Jackson
April 18, 2016
Here at the Health Insurance Specialists, we try very hard to make boring things interesting.

Here at the Health Insurance Specialists, we try very hard to make boring things interesting.  We are experts in all kinds of stuff you could care less about.  We offer services you would pay for, absolutely free.

Depending on what health insurance plan you have, you may or may not feel ripped off every time your health insurance premium is drafted from your bank account.  So here is a post with some tips of what you can do so that you get more out of the insurance you are already paying an arm and a leg for.

#5 Actually take advantage of preventative care.

Because of Obamacare (a not always affordable care act that many of us have a love-hate relationship with) your preventative care is completely covered.  That means that as long as you have some kind of health insurance, regardless of the plan or carrier, you are eligible to have preventative care visits each year.  For a list of what is actually covered by “Preventative Care” check out our blog:

But here are some of the highlights:

Your kids can have wellness checks (just don’t ask the doctor about a cold or flu at the same visit because chances are you’ll get billed even for a simple question–this is how doctors get paid after all)

You can have an annual physical

You can have immunizations and vaccines (for both adults and children)

Contraceptive procedures

#4 Know what your plan covers and take advantage of that

Every plan is going to have some advantage.  For example, I get an eyeglasses credit of $150 per year with my vision plan.  This is awesome because each year I go and get new glasses for a fraction of the cost.  But if I didn’t know what my plan offered, then I wouldn’t be able to use these benefits.

#3 Make sure your doctors are in network

As simple as this may sound, a lot of people are charged crazy amounts of money because they are given health care by someone who is not covered by their health insurance.  Make a quick phone call to your health insurance carrier (the number is on the back of your health insurance card or on the carrier websites) before you go see a new doctor.  Make sure you do this even when you are referred to a specialist.  Just because your current doctor recommends another physician doesn’t mean that you will be able to go see that doctor cost effectively.

2-Do all you can to stay healthy.

Maybe a gym membership and shopping mostly in the produce section of the grocery store adds up.  But not taking care of your body adds up even more.  Many experts have shown decreased illness and diseases to those who have positive health habits.  So invest in your body and save on time and money down the road.

1–Stop being a hypochondriac

A lot of people in our society go to the doctor for every little thing that goes wrong with their body.  Yes, of course you should be smart when it comes to receiving health care.  If you are seriously sick or injured, you need to seek medical care.  But a big thing that many people don’t understand is what is actually serious?  I will be the first person to tell you that if you are going to the doctor frequently, you need to take a step back and see if the reasons you are going to the doctor are actually valid.  Are you receiving necessary care?  If yes, then you should probably keep going.  But if many of your doctor appointments end up with simple diagnosis and result in no real care or treatment, then you are probably going to the doctor too much.  Or even if you are receiving care, maybe that is a little over the top.  Do you really need to see the doctor as much as you go?  This is an important question to ponder before you make an appointment.

I had 3 knee surgeries before I was 20 years old.  I’m pretty sure none of those surgeries were necessary.  I had been having some knee pain and my parents loved to take me to the doctor any time that something might be wrong.  However this attitude didn’t help me.  It caused a lot of money in medical bills and an extensive recovery to someone who wasn’t really that sick to begin with.  Doctors will try to find answers to the problems that you come to their office with.  This is a great thing.  But not every ache and pain of life needs an answer or treatment.  Sometimes you can take care of your body and whatever symptom you are experiencing will resolve.  Just saying.

For another perspective on this subject, check out The Failure of our “Just go to the ER” Medical System

This blog was written by Marissa Gramoll.

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